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BIRRUS ‘COCAMAT’ (closed construction Only) incorporates our ribbed aluminium extrusion and NATURAL OR DYED BLACK COIR inserts creating an efficient cleaning action due to the STEPPED profile. The raised coir acts like an upside down broom on the soles of shoes.

 The coir fibres stand 10mm above the aluminium treads (as shown below) and penetrate the crevice of shoe soles, removing loose dirt and moisture. Consideration must be given to height of 'COCAMAT' to ensure hinged doors have sufficient clearance. It’s critical that there is at least a 10mm clearance if a door is to pass over the mat. Coir absorbs water and expands then shrinks once dry best suited for indoor purposes. This Birrus product is the most effective cleaning mechanism for cleaning shoes. Fibre Height 10mm Above aluminium treads.
  • Care and Maintenance:
    Coir inserts should be vacuumed regularly to remove dirt, grit and loose fibres which collect in treads.

    Replacement of inserts is a simple job carried out insitu. A full range of inserts is available from your local distributor.

    Restore lustre to ribbed aluminium sections by lightly rubbing over with abrasive wool.
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