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BIRRUS 'DURAMAT' is a highly effective alternative for heavier traffic areas. It has the same construction and styling as Ultramat except that treads consisting of heavy duty rubber are inserted instead of carpet.

The ribbed rubber scraping bars set between extruded aluminium sections ensure maximum durability and high dirt removing capacity. DURAMAT provides a safe, anti-skid surface ideal for wheeled traffic at shopping centres, airport terminals, sporting and community centres, hospitals, etc. and is suitable for external use.

"Green Duramat" – Birrus Matting Systems are conscious of the eco and health aspects of our product and its manufacturing process and as such can now offer our customers a Greentag GreenRate Certified Duramat.

We hope that our efforts to develop and sell products that achieve a less negative environmental and health impact are recognised and utilised within the design, construction and development industries we service. Click here to see our certification details.

Available in Closed construction in 10mm and 16mm depths, and Open Slimline construction in 10mm depth only. The Open Slimline version is linked with a perforated joining strip to allow for drainage.
  • Care and Maintenance:
    Rubber and vinyl inserts can be restored by wiping over with a damp mop, using a multi-purpose detergent.

    Replacement of inserts is a simple job carried out insitu. A full range of inserts is available from your local distributor.

    Restore lustre to ribbed aluminium sections by lightly rubbing over with abrasive wool.
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